Sights of Copenhagen

Danes from all over the country visit Copenhagen from time to time. Sometimes for professional purposes, sometimes just to relax. Here you will get an overview of the best attractions in Copenhagen!

Our capital is very interesting, and if there are those who want to go there, then, of course, it is necessary to mention the best sights of the city and its environs. Especially now that domestic travel is more popular than before. Find inspiration for the sights of Copenhagen and have a real experience in the capital. Let's jump right into it. And what to do in Kpengagin after dark, find out by visiting this site.


1. Little Mermaid

The bronze sculpture "The Little Mermaid" by Edvard Eriksen is one of the most famous sights of Copenhagen, and therefore the whole of Denmark. It is usually one of the first attractions visited by foreign tourists. And it's also a spectacle that all Danes should see, which is why The Little Mermaid takes a well-deserved top spot on the list.

The sculpture has been in Langelini since 1913, but was briefly loaned for an exhibition in China. It represents, as you probably already know, a mermaid from the famous fairy tale by G. H. Andersen, which bears the same name as the sculpture.

2. Amalienborg Castle

The four mansions that together make up the royal Danish residence are called Amalienborg Castle and are also one of the very best attractions our country has to offer.

Amalienborg was built in 1760 and is definitely one of the finest buildings in Denmark. Between the mansions there is a large square where you can see the Royal Life Guards, which change the guard every day at 12.

3. Christiania

The free city of Christiania is always interesting to visit. It might not be to everyone's taste, but you'll still get some experience no matter what.

At the very least, you can open your eyes to a lifestyle different from what you are used to. In addition, there are good opportunities for excursions, so there is no excuse not to visit this place at least once. Talking to those who live there can also be very interesting - again, because the way of life in Christiania is different from what most Danes are used to.

4. Round tower

Christian IV came up with the idea for many different buildings, and one of the most famous is undoubtedly the Round Tower, which was completed in Copenhagen in 1642.

The 41.55 m high tower in the center of Copenhagen is an obvious landmark of the city - both because of the architecture and because of the history. When you enter, you quickly realize that this is not just a tower: this is a spiral corridor, and not an ordinary staircase leading up. From the top you also get a great view of some of the other buildings in Copenhagen. Read also: How to choose the best online casino game if you are new to it

5. Stroke

Strøget isn't really a tourist attraction, but you should still take a stroll down Strøget when you arrive in Copenhagen - there's no doubt about that.

This is one of the oldest pedestrian streets in Europe and you will find many interesting shops and cafes around. The name "Stroget" covers five different streets, so you have to say that this is a vast pedestrian street. Many thousands of people pass by every day, and something special often happens on the street.

6. Nyhavn

The Nyhavn area is also a must-see during your trip to Copenhagen. This place functions as a small harbor where idyllic houses and buildings lie along the water. In addition, you will find many cafes and small restaurants around, so this is a really good area to visit, and this is also what tourists do: Nyhavn is undoubtedly one of the most visited places in Copenhagen.

7. National Museum

Want to learn more about the culture and history of Denmark? So stop by the national museum and take a closer look at the many exhibitions about Denmark and a number of other countries. Among other things, you can look at objects from the ancient times of Denmark, as well as more recent historical art objects.

Among other things, the golden horns are exhibited in the National Museum. Such are the objects from America, found before the "discovery" of Columbus in 1492. Undoubtedly, some of the attractions of Copenhagen deserve closer attention.