Proper use of probiotics for a child

How to understand when to start giving a probiotic to a child, is it worth doing it at all, and which probiotic for a child will be the best?

What are probiotics?

These are useful probiotic bacteria, mainly from the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium groups, which are contained in supplements. There are millions of them, and they take care of the proper functioning of the intestine, metabolism, as well as immunity or a tendency to allergies. However, their number can plummet after antibiotic treatment as a result of malnutrition, stress and serious infections. In infants, the flora is very poorly developed and requires many months, even a year, to become as diverse as necessary. That's why it's worth strengthening it with probiotics for the youngest.

Which probiotic will be the best for the baby?

In order for probiotics to work effectively and strengthen the intestinal microflora in the best way, they must include carefully tested and completely safe strains for the child, such as Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG. It is good if the supplement also contains vitamin D3, which supports the development of bone tissue in children, participates in the proper functioning of muscles, and also supports the immune system.

You can not use the same drugs that adults take. Supplements for babies have such a concentration that they are safe for them. If there are fears that the baby will not want to take them, you can choose special probiotics in drops for him.

When is the best time to give a probiotic to a child?

Throughout the entire period of the child's development, starting from the end of the first month, it is definitely worth strengthening the intestinal flora as soon as possible and accelerating its development.

It is absolutely necessary to give the child a probiotic during antibacterial therapy, which greatly disrupts the balance of the intestinal flora. This should be done after food poisoning, as well as in autumn or winter, because the balance of the intestinal microflora is often disturbed. During this period, it is better to give the child supplements that also contain vitamin D3. This strongly supports the functioning of the immune system.

How long should I give probiotics to a child?

In fact, their use is possible all year round to prevent an imbalance of the intestinal microflora. The more important question is how long it takes for this to work effectively. After the antibiotic, it is worth using the drug for at least three or even four months. Restoration of intestinal flora after antibacterial therapy takes up to six months.

At the same time, probiotics strengthen the microflora in the intestines of the child, if the delivery took place by Caesarean section. It has been proven that the microflora of newborns born in this way is less formed and less diverse. However, if there is a desire to strengthen the microflora only after food poisoning or during a period of decreased immunity of the child, it is best to do this for at least a month, and optimally for two. Arbitrajımızda belirtilen casino temsilcisi yoktur. Şu anda, Bet Andreas Casino'nun herhangi bir iddiası yoktur - istatistikler toplanmaktadır. betandreas tr Bonus tutarı depozitoya bağlıdır, ancak maksimum bonus 2500 lirayı geçemez.