Essential oils for soap: foam aromatherapy

What do you pay attention to first of all when choosing the perfect soap? Many, without hesitation, will answer: For this important "soap" feature, the little assistants of soap makers – natural essential oils - are responsible. And small ones – because only a couple of drops of such oil are enough for an unsurpassed aroma.Essential oils: what is that?Essential oil is a concentrated, strong–smelling substance isolated from plant materials, on an oily basis. Why oils, and not substances, for example, alcohol-based? – The thing is that ethers are volatile compounds in themselves and very unstable. And only the oil base allows you to preserve the divine fragrance for a long time.Essential oils are substances that almost no sphere can do without. Judge for yourself:- Essential oils – as food flavorings. The naturalness of the oils indicates their absolute harmlessness to humans. And, therefore, such oils can be safely used in food, giving it divine, appetizing smells.- Essential oils for aromatherapy. Doctors have long proven the healing properties of natural fragrances. Therefore, with the help of simple devices (aroma lamps, lighted tea candles, etc.) and a couple of drops of a certain essential oil, you can quickly and effectively overcome: depression, migraines, joint pain, chronic asthma, bronchitis, etc.- Essential oils for meditation techniques. It's no secret that this "secret" aromatic component is an integral part of meditations or just a pleasant relaxation. Fans of eastern spiritual practices know for sure that only with the help of certain scents and burning candles can one achieve nirvana, find peace of mind and harmony.- Essential oils in the beauty industry. In addition to its main trump card – an intense aroma, essential oils have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair, nails. Therefore, the craze of cosmetologists for essential oils is quite understandable. It is only necessary to add a couple of drops to a cream, shampoo, nail strengthening agent – and you will find a well-groomed, blooming appearance.- Essential oils in soap making. Soap makers love to use this simple component. Firstly, it is natural, secondly, it has a lot of useful properties, and thirdly, this divine fragrance that remains on the skin for a long time after taking a shower ...- Essential oils in medicine. Sneezed? Coughed? Just don't feel well? – Then the doctor will certainly prescribe you useful inhalations, baths or other procedures with the use of healing essential oils.Essential oils for soap: what for what?The assortment of glass vials with precious aromatic contents is so large – that it is not surprising to get lost here. Therefore, we tell you about the most "beloved" soap-made versions of essential oils.- Sandalwood essential oil – relieves tension, acts on the body as an antidepressant - Rose palm essential oil – tones and "awakens" the body - Lavender essential oil – has a general calming effect - Orange essential oil – known for its antiseptic properties, improves blood circulation - Fennel essential oil – ideal for dry and mature skin care. It perfectly moisturizes and has a slight lifting effect.- Rosewood essential oil – has an anti-inflammatory effect, gives skin prone to irritation and rashes a healthier appearance - Avocado essential oil – has a whitening effect, nourishes and "tightens" the skin completely, this is only a small fraction of what pharmacies and specialized soap shops offer. There are also patchouli, ylang-ylang, mint, cinnamon, eucalyptus oils… And all, as one, have a unique therapeutic effect on the human body.Essential oils for soap: pros and cons of application, as you can guess, without a fly in the ointment and this time will not do. Essential oils are also quite contradictory substances. Their main disadvantages:- May cause allergic reactions- Not all essential oils have a pleasant aroma- Are not recommended for use by children and pregnant women - Few people know that turpentine is included in any essential oil. Therefore, an excess of essential oils in a cosmetic product can cause a burn- Citrus essential oils quickly lose their flavor, and, therefore, soap with the addition of orange essential oils should be immediately packed in a sealed package - The high price is explained by the fact that kilograms of vegetable raw materials (rose petals, flowers) are sometimes required to obtain just a couple of drops of essential oil jasmine, etc.)And now - to the pleasant. The "pros" of essential oils:- Unique healing properties - Long shelf life (up to 2 years)- Naturalness- Ease of use Ether oils for soap: fragrant recipes were "Sweet exotic". To prepare this "delicious" cosmetic product, we will need:- Soap base- Orange peel- Orange essential oil- Coconut- Soap melting dishes- Soap molds - The cooking process is extremely simple! We melt the soap base in a water bath or in a microwave oven. After that, add a little grated orange peel, chopped coconut and a few drops of orange essential oil to it. Mix everything thoroughly and pour into molds. It remains only to wait for complete solidification ... The soap has a delicious tropical aroma of coconut and orange, carefully cares for the skin and, due to coconut-orange chips, acts as a scrub.Soap "Grass-ant". This is a skin–friendly, gently cleansing soap - it does not contain preservatives, artificial colors, glycerin, lanolin or borax. These chemicals can be extremely useful to the soap maker, but now we will use only natural ingredients! Here is his recipe:- Baby soap (1 piece)- Herbal decoction of sage, chamomile, St. John's wort, nettle or any other (250 ml)- Castor oil (1 tsp) - Olive oil (1 tsp) - Mint essential oil (5 drops)- Honey (1 tsp.) - Vitamin A (0.5 tsp.) - Vitamin E (0.5 tsp.)We will rub baby soap into small chips and melt it in a water bath. Add our base oils (castor and olive) and a hot herbal decoction. Mix the ingredients well and add honey, vitamins and mint essential oil to the soap mixture. Once again, mix well and pour into soap molds.We leave the soap until it completely solidifies. Due to the content of decoction of medicinal herbs and vitamins, such soap will have almost the same powerful wound healing effect as burnt alum.Essential oils for soap: where to buy?Essential oils today can be found not only in pharmacies, but also in soap and candle shops and even in supermarkets! For the laziest, the Internet is always at hand, where you can also easily buy the necessary essential oil.The average cost of essential oils (per 10 ml bottle) is about 1-2 cu. However, there are more expensive oils, the cost of which can reach 10 or more cu. When it comes to choosing the right online casino, looking at promotions and bonus offers is a great place to start. If you’re going to be spending your hard-earned money on these games, you should do your best to get the most out of your deposit. A premier site in this category for South African gamblers is 1xBet. 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