Remaster of Super Mario 64 was gone “gay Bowser”

Players in Super Mario 64 remastered collection of Super Mario 3D All-Stars have found that the game was lost phrase «So long, gay Bowser!» ( “As long as gay Bowser!”). Told portal Kotaku. In the original version of Super Mario 64 after defeating Bowser Mario says vague phrase. The players felt that it’s like “So far, gay Bowser!”. In 2019 the actor Charles Martinet voicing Mario, told that the plumber said, “So far, King Bowser!” ( «So long king-a Bowser!»). However, users have questioned this, since the word «king-a» does not fit in the audio series, even if it is substantially cleaned of extraneous noise. What it is said Mario, still unclear. The most plausible version is that the character is pronounced just «So long, Bowser!». However, due to the comic accent and emphasis on completion of the second word – «long-a» – users heard «So long, gay Bowser!». In Super Mario 64 remaster this line no. Instead, Mario says, “Bye-bye!” ( «Buh-bye!»). Most likely, this was due to the fact that the basis laid down the Japanese version of the game. It was called Bowser King Kupa and therefore it was originally just the phrase “Bye bye!”. Collection of Super Mario 3D All-Stars was announced on September 3 during the events dedicated to the 35th anniversary of the series. The kit includes updated versions of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Purchase reissue three titles will be available only from 18 September 2020 to 31 March 2021 – after this item will be removed from the market, even in the digital Nintendo eShop. The original Super Mario 64: See remaster Super Mario 64: no more gay bowser – ant (@antxiety_) September 18, 2020 No more gay Bowser